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Cut Communication And Data Costs By Migrating To An SIP Trunking System

The telephone system in your business is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in ensuring that your business is productive and functional. It provides a way for customers and prospective customers to reach you, and it also serves as a way for you and employees to conveniently communicate with each other throughout the day.

Standard phone systems may not offer you all of the features you need for your business, or adding certain features may be costly. This is one reason a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking solution from a company like CommPro Communication Specialists may benefit your business. 

Overview of SIP Trunking

You have likely heard of VoIP. SIP trunking utilizes VoIP to connect the PBX system in business operations the Internet. The end result is services that are comparable to landlines for a fraction of the cost. 

Traditional phone systems require complex combining of wires for communication and data exchanges. This is eliminated when business owners opt for SIP trunking due to the Internet being the power behind the communication and data exchanges. 

Benefits of Migrating to SIP Trunking

Scalability and Simplicity - If you have more than one business location, you only need to have one SIP trunking account for all locations, and even if your business expands, the same account can accommodate those demands. 

Costly Calls Eliminated - You will quickly appreciate SIP trunking if your business operations involve making many long distance domestic calls and overseas calls. In most cases, the calls are converted to local calls by the SIP providers during the communication exchange. The process will be seamless to callers and you, and call quality will also not be affected. 

Merge Phone and Data Needs - SIP trunking can be considered a bundle option. This is because business owners who choose this technology will no longer have to separate their data and phone services accounts or track the usage of data separately. 

Cost Considerations

SIP trunking is an investment. Do not let this sway you because the initial investment involves ensuring that your current PBX system is compatible. If it is not, you will need to upgrade to one that is, and you will also need to invest in IP-ready phones for each workstation regardless. 

If your business involves the exchange of sensitive data, you need ensure you inform your SIP provider. This will enable them to customize a solution for you. For example, an SIP firewall may be recommended to protect your data and voice communications. This type of firewall works similarly to firewalls installed on computers.