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Two Products That Can Cut Up To 15 Percent Off Of Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

Although you're typically required to have homeowners insurance to protect your home, that doesn't mean you have to pay a fortune every month for coverage. There are several things you can do to reduce the cost of your premium, and one of those is to install safety and security products in your home. Here are two that can help you trim up to 15 percent off your insurance costs.

Home Security System

The insurance company's primary concern is minimizing the likelihood you'll file a claim against your policy for losses. So anything that reduces the possibility you'll actually need to use the insurance you're paying for may earn you a discount off your premiums.

Installing a home security system can net you up to a 15 percent discount off your premiums. This is because they can be very effective at deterring criminals from trying to burglarize your home. A survey of 422 convicted burglars found that 50 percent of the respondents would stop or avoid breaking into the home if they found there was an alarm system.

To maximize the discount you receive from the insurance company, it's essential that you install the right system. You want a monitored system that notifies the police and other emergency services when a problem is detected instead of a system that only sounds an alarm. A monitored security system can reduce the amount of losses you sustain because it can get help to your property quickly. Because of this, the insurance company may be willing to give you a bigger discount than if you only got a home alarm.

Home Sensors

Another safety and security product that helps reduce home insurance costs is sensors. You likely already have sensors in your home that detect smoke and carbon dioxide. However, installing additional sensors that perceive water and natural gas leaks can increase the safety of your home by catching serious issues before they cause major losses.

Typically these sensors emit an alarm when a problem is detected. However, some models will send notifications to you via text or automated calls if something happens while you're not home. Regardless of which type you get, you can earn an up to 10 percent discount off your insurance premiums by installing these sensors.

For more information about products that help you get discounts on your homeowner's insurance premiums or to have a home security and monitoring system installed, contact a local dealer like Tele-Plus.